Homeowners Insurance

Guide to Homeowners Insurance For Arizona Residents

Every year, thousands of Arizona residents consider alternatives to their current homeowners insurance.  The benefits of switching homeowners insurance can be greater savings per year as well as the potential for expanded coverage.  In addition to those looking to renegotiate their current homeowners insurance, there are others who are getting homeowners insurance for the first time.  Typically required by a mortgage provider, homeowners insurance for Arizona residents can be a challenge to figure out.  Below is a guide specifically designed to answer questions you may have regarding the process.  

How Much Should My Homeowners Insurance Cost?

The first thing you should be aware of is that the amount your homeowners insurance from arizona-insurance.website will cost is highly variable across the state.  The best way to get a sense for the cost is to ask neighbors or people within your community with a similar style house.  The average homeowners insurance cost in Arizona is below the national average.  Unless you have a highly specific form of coverage, then you may be looking for just around $695 a year, or around $57 a month.  Again, this number may change based on a series of extraneous variables that will be determined during the quoting process from an insurance provider.

Basics Regarding Policies

Any guide to homeowners insurance for Arizona residents would not be complete without a mention between the differences between a single policy and a group policy.  Typically, you or your mortgage provider will want a number of different things covered in the event that there is a disaster.  You can find coverage either individually through single plans or together as a group plan.  Single plans allow you to shop around for each type of insurance with different competing insurance agencies.  A group plan can decrease the cost you pay per individual element in the plan by lumping everything together under a single provider.  Typically, a household may do either one or both.  It is not uncommon to have a primary group plan covering the majority of what you need covered, and a single plan or two to cover things not addressed in the group plan.  Organizing your insurance in this manner will provide the greatest range of coverage.

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Homeowners insurance for Arizona residents typically covers either the property itself or the primary structure.  You may want to consider getting a plan for each depending on whether or not you have additional structures on your property.  In addition, you will want to shop around.  Get competing quotes, and factor in the insurance company’s history with payouts when deciding whom you will go with.