Health Insurance

Tips on getting Private Health Insurance In New Jersey

Are you interested in private health insurance in New Jersey?  If you are, then there are several conditions you will want to carefully review.  Let’s take a moment to examine the process and see how you can get the best possible deal and the greatest amount of savings.

  1.  Going For Private Health Insurance In New Jersey

Why go for private health insurance.  There is a maximum cutoff for government run health care options.   What this means is that every person earning over the cutoff has to find health insurance.  It is now law that every person be required to have health insurance.  Private health insurance options from companies like are the only option for many people who earn over the Medicaid cutoff but whose employers do not provide health insurance as a part of the benefits.

  1.  Should I Consider Individual Private Or Through Employer?

The benefits of getting your health insurance directly through your employer is that the costs of the health insurance can be deducted prior to your salary being taxed.  As a result, you end up saving a great deal by not paying for health insurance with money that has already been taxed once.  You can also save money because your employer will get a reduced cost for health insurance when purchasing in bulk.  Typically, individuals with health insurance offered by their employer only consider private health insurance in New Jersey when what they need covered is not covered by their primary health insurance.  It is typically quite expensive to stack health insurance options like this.  For some, it is not a choice.

  1.  How Can I Save Money During This Process

If going with a group plan is not an option, then consider your precise needs.  How often are you sick or need medication?  How much of a deductible can you afford if something goes wrong?  Are you in a situation where you are in any risk of injury?  The greater your risk, the greater you will want your coverage to be.  In addition, if you have medication, then having a plan that covers medication costs will be crucial.  You can also save money by carefully shopping around the federal marketplace for the best possible deals.  Try looking into government waivers for some of the cost.  You may be eligible for these due to the amount you earn and not even be aware of your eligibility.  Review your options and consider getting professional help to better navigate the world of private health insurance.